Monday, January 28, 2008

The Most Amazing Word In The English Language

Can you guess? If not, umma tell you what it is. (Hint: You should know by now). That’s right, umma. It’s amazing—four letters that stand in for four words. The phrase they replace, “I am going to,” can be easily reduced to two words with a couple more common contractions, I’m and gonna (or even the three-syllable ummina), yet intrepid English speakers are not satisfied with that amount of casualness and time savings. No, they slur the words together even more to save an extra 15 milliseconds and ten thousand molecules of oxygen. Although umma is widely used in informal conversation, it is rarely spelled out. Hip-hop, in recent years the wellspring of countless catchy slang words, is leading the way in making umma a certified contraction. The new song Umma Do Me (video below) by Rocko, features the word in an expression that means, basically, I’m going to be true to myself. Check it out. Umma go.

YouTube - Rocko - Umma Do Me

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