Thursday, April 17, 2008

I like Miley Cyrus?

When you're 22 years old, it's hard to stay up to date with what's popular with tweens. Since I'm not a tween or the parent of one, all the information I get is filtered through the media, which may not be the most accurate source for the scoop on tween trends.

Despite my isolation from this fast-paced tween world, I've heard a lot about this Miley Cyrus girl over the past few months--about how her concerts sell out for exorbitant prices, and that parents were up in arms about profiteering by ticket scalpers and resellers. I also knew she was the daughter of Billy-Ray Cyrus, and that she was the title character in some Hannah Montana show, which may or may not be related to this High School Musical thing, another tween phenomenon I'm vaguely aware of.

But I'd never heard her music. From what I understood it was only played on the Disney Channel to promote her other Disney-related activities. So when I found myself singing along recently to a catchy pop song on the radio, I didn't suspect at first what I was actually listening to. (I have a weakness for a certain hip-hop/pop radio station, and this song had been played into my head over the course of the week). The beat of the song sounded like it was made for the danceclub, and singer sounded mature and just a little sultry. Something like Lasgo.

So there I am, singing "The last time I freaked out,
I just kept looking down,
I st-st-stuttered when
You asked me what I'm thinkin' bout..." when I hear a familiar word.

"...she's just being Miley." At least that's what it sounds like. I panic. Have I really been singing along to Miley Cyrus? So I go home and google the lyrics, and sure enough, I am singing along to Miley freaking Cyrus. I was mortified. One might think I would try to bury this shame and never share it with anyone, but I feel the truth needs to be heard.

I have to face facts, and the fact is, I like Miley Cyrus.

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