Friday, May 23, 2008

Automatic Name Abbreviators

Why is it that some people feel entitled to abbreviate your name without precedent or permission? Is it not fair to assume that the name you use to introduce yourself is the name you wish others to use when referring to you? While it is true that some parents save their children the trouble of an abbrieviable name, and put an an already-truncated name on the birth certificate, others of us are cursed with a commonly shortened appellation, like Daniel, Christopher, or David. Some of us may choose to ditch unnecessary syllables, but many of us hold on tight to each and every letter. When presumptuous acquaintances decide they know better, and shorten the name for us, it can be quite irritating. So, a message to all would-be abbreviators: don't do it. Enunciate every letter, unless the name-bearer himself allows otherwise.

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